Monday 27 January 2020

It's Kevin Myers who lacks rigour

IT IS with confusion that I read Kevin Myers' article, 'Lack of rigour among our academics is astounding' (Irish Independent, January 29).

I received my PhD from Trinity College in 2008. I specialised in First World War studies under the guidance of some of the top academics in the field.

Regardless of their nationality, Ireland should be proud to have their work developed and published under the auspices of one of its top institutions.

I am amazed that Mr Myers believes Irish universities have failed to explore Ireland's role in the Great War.

I need only draw his attention to the recent publication, 'Our War: Ireland and the Great War', which was edited by Trinity's own Professor John Horne (Royal Irish Academy, Dublin, 2008).

Not only has this volume rigorously explored Ireland's experience of the war, but it has gone beyond the 'ivory tower' in engaging the general public with its accompanying RTE radio series and public debates.

I would therefore argue that it is actually Mr Myers who is ignoring the intellectual life of Ireland, not the academics in its esteemed institutions.

Catriona Pennell

University of Exeter

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