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It's apartheid but by another name

Where does Desmond Fitzgerald get his facts (Letters, February 5)? In 1947 the UN General Assembly recommended that Palestine be 'provisionally partitioned' into a part-Arab, part-Jewish state.

The Arabs rightly objected to their land being taken from them. At that stage the Palestinians still had a two-to-one majority, but while Jews owned 7pc of Palestine they were given 55pc of the land. How fair is that?

And so it has continued to this day -- the gradual annexing of land.

Many Palestinians don't have basic rights that we take for granted in the West -- the right of movement, the right to own land, to have control of their water, the right to travel abroad, the right of return.

The Israeli settlers can just arrive to apartments ready built in the West Bank. They can do no wrong -- they have priority over land, water, facilities to the detriment of Palestinians.

What is that but not apartheid in another form? With the release of the Palestinian papers by Aljazeera and the 'Guardian' we see that the Israelis are not interested in peace no matter what they are offered. It also shows up the weakness of the Palestinian negotiators, unfortunately.

Gemma Hensey
The Quay, Westport

Irish Independent