Wednesday 13 November 2019

It's a bailout

• As the Duke of York abseiled down the tallest skyscraper in Europe recently to raise money for charity, he certainly took the heat off his much-maligned nephew, Harry.

Andrew's abseil was definitely better than one of his previous forays into "celebrity fundraising'', his ill-fated appearance with his then-wife, Foot-in-Mouth Fergie (and not always her own!) in 1987's 'It's a Royal Knockout', directed by his brother, Edward Scissorhands Windsor.

Lest we think that the British invented the madcap 'It's a Knockout' TV show, the series actually originated in France, where it was called 'Jeux Sans Frontieres'. And believe it or not, 'Jeux Sans Frontieres' was the brain-child of none other than General Charles de Gaulle, who saw it as a way of uniting European nations in friendship and fun!

I just hope the troika aren't reading this, or else we will have to suffer the indignity of our pristine politicians horsing around, jumping through hoops and generally making eejits of themselves to satisfy the conditions of 'It's a Bailout'. Nothing new there, then!

Mark Lawler
Kilaminham, Dublin 8

Irish Independent

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