Sunday 15 December 2019

Italy crisis

@saraeisenFX Italy is now less creditworthy in the eyes of CDS traders than: Colombia, Croatia, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Panama, Romania, and Turkey.

@jenoconnell Is it me, or what? Between Berlusconi and the stock markets, I've never seen Italy lose so much money in so little time.

@teacherdude I know I keep on posting this but the dominoes keep on falling. There goes the neighbourhood

@zerohedge CEO of Banca Monte dei Pasci: "Italy under speculative attack." Sorry boy, your Greek pals cried wolf too many times.

@newsfromitaly A coffee tax should raise a few beans for Italy's dodgy economy!

@Queequag Ah yes, let's buy Italy from our tax money as well. We already own Ireland, Portugal & Greece.

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