Friday 23 February 2018

It was Fianna Fail who lost wealth

STEPHEN McKee (‘Fianna Fail actions aren't about survival’, Letters, February 6) seems to think that Fianna Fail deserves credit for some of the "tough decisions" it has had to take recently, when in fact the economic crisis we find ourselves in is as a direct result of that party’s cronyism and mismanagement.

This bunch of wasters are quite obviously hoping that a gullible Irish electorate will applaud them for making cuts, and forget completely that it was the criminal incompetence and corruption of successive Fianna Fail governments that squandered this nation's wealth and made these cuts necessary in the first place.

I'm afraid that's a bit like giving a half-witted, hopelessly incompetent chainsaw juggler who has just cut your arm off a pat on the back for having sufficient presence of mind to offer you a band-aid.

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