Sunday 17 December 2017

It seems Varadkar did not read FG policy

LEO Varadkar (January 20) must not have read the Fine Gael New Politics document properly because not once does it say all public sector appointments will be advertised.

The New Politics policy comprises two documents, the New Politics one itself and the Reinventing Government document. Page 22 of the New Politics document states “a Fine Gael government. . . will require the relevant Dail committees to vet all ministerial appointments made to state boards, agencies and regulators”, while Section 32 on page 42 of the Reinventing Government policy document states “vacancies for all remaining paid directorships on public boards will be advertised on the website of the public appointments services”.

No doubt Mr Varadkar will use word games to claim this means what he says but if Fine Gael were really committed to transparency in government then its proposals should be clear and leave no room for doubt, that every single government appointment, be it to a tin-pot committee or an ambassadorship, will be advertised, so that any member of the public can apply in a transparent process, instead of the usual practice of picking insiders. Also, why is it that page 28 of the New Politics document states Fine Gael will “publish audited accounts . . . on the web from 2010” and yet here we are nearly into February 2011 and instead of accounts being published, the entire Fine Gael website has been replaced by a gimmick message board.

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