Saturday 20 January 2018

It is about time somebody stood up for the Jams

‘Refreshing’: Leo Varadkar
‘Refreshing’: Leo Varadkar
Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

While generally indifferent to who the respective leaders of the political parties are, I have to say that the policy platform of Leo Varadkar is a refreshing break from the left-leaning consensus in Ireland. The fact that he wants to prioritise those who get up and work, pay for everything and get nothing back from the State is a stark but very true representation of where we are.

The Institute of Taxation states that 96pc of all income tax is paid by 50pc of the people, so what about the other 50pc who are apparently contributing little? True, some work under the immoral zero-hours contracts and equally, there are those rich enough to use all the avoidance schemes available. But that cannot fully explain the disproportionate burden placed on a relatively small proportion of the working population.

There is no point appealing to the lefties - they believe the 50pc should carry a higher-than-96pc burden. And, they get a completely disproportionate amount of airtime from our national broadcaster. Then you've got Fianna Fáil trying to out-left the lefties, thereby ignoring its natural base. About time somebody stood up for those 'just about managing' (the Jams). Leo, stick to your guns, you are on the right track.

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