Wednesday 11 December 2019

It goes beyond 'imperfection'

FATHER Con McGillicuddy indicates how Cardinal Brady is "now being vilified for not being perfect" and how "Christ chose frail, imperfect human beings who would and could make mistakes from time to time" to preach his gospel (Letters, March 18). I agree with Fr McGillicuddy's assertion of the essential human imperfection of preachers of Christ's word, as reflective of humankind's imperfection.

However, I dismiss Fr McGillicuddy's portrayal of Cardinal Brady as imperfect as an excuse for the cardinal's inaction.

In which context and to what extent should imperfection be tolerated among "God's representatives" in the course of their ecclesiastical duties?

I believe in tolerance when such a context is securely governed by a pervasive morality, for example, transparency in church-state relations with no culture of secret oath-taking.

Cardinal Brady's "imperfection" --his failure to break beyond his note-taking duties to report Brendan Smyth to the gardai -- resulted in suffering and the ruination of innocent lives. Such "imperfection" means he should resign.

Travis Gleasure
Tralee, Co Kerry

Irish Independent

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