Sunday 19 November 2017

Israel's 'hard end of the stick'

Sir -- Congratulations on last Sunday's excellent article by Eoghan Harris on the departure of Israel's ambassador to Ireland (Sunday Independent, August 22). Balanced journalism on the subject of Israel is long overdue.

I agree that all too frequently Israel gets the hard end of the stick and a totally biased angle bordering on hysteria from our left-wing pinko socialists that comprise much of our media. Blindly, they disregard the hate surrounding this country and the proclaimed intentions and actions of its neighbours to wipe it from the surface of the earth. And, like Harris, I also wonder how Palestine and those pinko lefty allies will feel when Iran eventually gets the bomb and starts throwing its weight about. Poor Palestine -- does anyone believe its Islamic brother will care about the close proximity of this troublesome state?

But no doubt the 'intelligentsia' of Europe and those pinko lefties will make excuses until the very last moment, just the same as they did with Herr Hitler in the Thirties when he made threatening noises against Poland, Czechoslovakia, the Jews and the rest of the free world.

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