Is financial chaos all a big plot?

Riots in Latvia, Greece and Iceland with more civil unrest simmering in global flashpoints, including Ireland. Never has the phrase, "out of chaos will come order" been more apt.

One wonders if this financial meltdown hasn't been contrived.

Why hasn't the world's elite of bankers, politicians and industrialists not met to steer a way out of this turmoil?

There is no reason why the highly influential Bilderberg group could not bring forward its annual conclave from the end of May to the present time.

Or is it, as one suspects, that it shares the three-legged stool approach, as advocated by its sister policy group, the Trilateral Commission, whereby the economies of America, Asia and Europe are being deliberately nobbled so that we all end up with the same GNP and GDP as the continent of Africa, along with a single monetary unit and low interest rates, all managed by the IMF?

The net result being that corporations grow wealthier while the rest of us become enslaved. If this is the New World Order I will gladly settle for the old order any day.

John Finegan Bailieborough, Co Cavan