Tuesday 23 January 2018

Irony of Boston attack on Kenny

Madam –I am not surprised by the attacks following John Crown's article (Sunday Independent, May 19, 2013). In many ways Mr Crown is the lay equivalent of the arrogance and conceit that he rails so much against in the Catholic Church. This is a pity because it deflects from his central argument that the Catholic hierarchy is trying to mount a coup against the democratically elected government. Talks of potential excommunications against politicians who vote the 'wrong way' in upcoming 'abortion legislation' is undemocratic.

The disgraceful way in which our Taoiseach was treated in Boston should be widely condemned and is another example of Catholic arrogance. Such disrespect happening in Boston is an even greater irony when one realises that its former cardinal Bernard Law is now a refugee from American justice in Vatican City. The charge against him is that he did nothing to prevent sexual abuse against children in his diocese.

Letter writers to your paper describe themselves as Catholics whose faith has been insulted by Mr Crown's article. They write in irritation demanding apologies. I, on the other hand, am a Christian and found the central argument of Mr Crown's article persuasive. I would add however that in Mr Crown's future correspondence with the Sunday Independent, he should be a little more sensitive to the sensibilities of the Catholic church who see power slipping from their hands slowly but surely day by day.

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