Monday 19 February 2018

Irish made fortune at EU's expense

Sir -- I am a foreigner living in Ireland since 2003. Reading your paper today I was seriously wondering if you Irish, as a population, are blind, thick, or monumentally hypocritical. I thought I knew the answer, being the latter, but now I'm not so sure.

Today's news is (a) outrage about the bonus to Irish Life fund managers, (b) outrage about many of the same old fat cats still running the banks, and (c) outrage about the unacceptable interference of the French and Germans on your corporate tax. My outrage is that you can't see the contradiction. Look again. Still can't see it? So it's not hypocrisy then.

Let me point it out to you. You all agree that those responsible for the banking crisis should not go scot-free. Justice demands that these people pay for their greed, and certainly this does not entail rewarding them with a bonus, no matter how well they have performed after the crash; not until all the mess has been cleaned up. But then you somehow can't understand why the other Europeans, that consider you the ones who blew their money on your property follies, demand that you do not go scot-free.

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