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Irish leaving, not non-nationals

S Mulligan (Letters, January 31) is spot on regarding the hysterics associated with the politically correct brigade, who brand everyone with an opposite opinion to theirs as racist or some other 'ist'.

I'm almost afraid to say more, but here goes, anyway.

My own elephant in the room that won't shift from my head is the official statistic that says immigrants are leaving Ireland in great numbers.

The evidence of my eyes and ears tells me there are even more people coming to our shores than ever, and they can be observed in every city, town, village, and townland of Ireland.

They work in all the hotels, supermarkets, service stations, pubs, clubs, small shops, bigger shops and generally in all places where work is to be found.

And the best of luck to them, I suppose, even the happy car clampers.

But what of the cock-eyed figures that say they are all "going home" in droves when reality shows this is not the case?

The ones who are leaving are the Irish, at the rate of 1,000 per week.

Perhaps it is they who are referred to without further comment by the powers that be?

Robert Sullivan
Bantry, Co Cork

Irish Independent