Sunday 19 November 2017

Irish 'bigotry' and 'Israeli policy'

KEVIN Myers derides the Irish generally for their "bien pensant bigotry" (Irish Independent, March 2) when it comes to Israelis, while carefully pointing out that he is not suggesting anti-semitism (see the parallels with his 'sneer' at Ronan O'Gara which, of course, was not a 'sneer').

It appears the Irish are intellectually incapable of distinguishing between the institution that is Israel and the incidental fact that most Israelis happen to be Jewish. Yet amazingly, in denouncing the "Israeli" initiative to assassinate Mahmoud al-Mabouh, it appears Kevin Myers alone is capable of determining this as being something decidedly "not Jewish".

Thanks Mr Myers, previously I had thought the Israelis and the Jews were one and the same.

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