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Iris Robinson . . . Old cars . . . Cavan . . . Aer Lingus

SAD the way the Iris Robinson affair is turning out. She's a beautiful- looking woman who has been overtaken by her personal problems.

All of her female critics are just jealous -- and 60- year-old men who think it is an appalling scandal are secretly wishing a 19-year- old babe would take a fancy to them.

Robert Sullivan,
Bantry, Co Cork

AT this moment in time, if Ireland was a car it would be a lemon. A well-squeezed lemon at that. Here in America, we have a government-sponsored cash for clunkers programme (money for our squeezed lemons) which has worked out to be surprisingly successful since its inception early last year. It's time to trade in the dud -- and do it now, before it breaks down entirely.

Pat Greene
Brooklyn, NY

  • ON 'Winning Streak' last Saturday night there was a contestant from Cavan. Introducing her, Kathryn Thomas decided to pronounce the word Cavan in a different manner than how it is usually spoken.

It was followed by a smile and a laugh. This was a pathetic attempt at humour.

There are contestants from all over the country each week, but Kathryn decides to have a dig at the Cavan accent. Perhaps she should come to Cavan on her 'No Frontiers' programme and learn the way Cavan people talk.

Colin Duke
Stradone, Co Cavan

  • I WOULD like to draw the public's attention to the absolutely fantastic service we were treated to by Aer Lingus staff after a recent trip to the US.

From check-in to leaving the plane in Dublin, I can only say that after many years of international travel, the service given by the staff on Aer Lingus was second to none. I would like to say to all at Aer Lingus -- well done, great service and thank you.

Declan Carty
Dublin 4

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