Thursday 18 January 2018

Ireland's destiny out of our hands

Sir -- With regards to Frederick Forsyth's article (Sunday Independent, October 17), it seems to me that the old world order for Ireland ended at Sintra, Portugal in 1999.

This was probably where the highly secretive Bilderberg conference bought into the theory that Ireland's future lay in the leisure industry and information technology sector. For Ireland now to become the European equivalent of Macau and Las Vegas, many more will be forced to emigrate on the backs of forthcoming severe and testing budgets. Russia will soon become the powerhouse of Europe under a rejuvenated Putin. Another plan the elite may use is to force families to move east by cancelling their debts. The many vacant hotels will be turned into casinos, using staff from central and eastern Europe to entertain the global rich. Unfortunately, Ireland's destiny is not now in the hands of the politicians, but with those who lurk in the shadows and pull the strings.

John Finegan

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