Wednesday 16 October 2019

Ireland's chilling ill wind

Sir - Fergal Keane (Sunday Independent, October 7) posts a candid and compelling 'Diary' entry on things Northern, as they become increasingly enmeshed in the ongoing Brexiteering shenanigans. Things are boding ill again, it would seem, if his considered musings on dastardly deeds from the past are anything to go by.

Having served his 'Norn Iron' apprenticeship of 'blood and guts' (literally), while witnessing "a menacing and forlorn litany of murdered" citizens from all quarters of the many divides, he recalls it all with some friends who had also weathered the 'worst-of-times' in 1980s Belfast.

Reviewing the grim and bleak memories, while relaxing under an "autumn sky in Connemara", "but without the faintest tinge of nostalgia for that world of death and intolerance", the idyll of 'down-town' Clifden provides a safe and comforting distance from the gruesome fray of yesteryear.

His foreboding takes on the recurring 'appetite for violence' throughout Irish history sends a shudder down the spine. With the Good Friday Agreement currently in 'stutter-mode', and the perennial perfidy of UK governments still thriving apace at the expense of almost everyone else, save their 'naysayer' Ulster 'cronies-in-collusion', the skies are darkening. A complexion of multiplying shadows pervades.

What price courageous honesty and dedicated enlightenment of the Hume variety?

PJ Cosgrove,


Co Waterford

Sunday Independent

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