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Ireland and Islam

• Ireland is fertile ground for Islam, few would disagree. We have witnessed the demise of Catholicism, the abject failures of capitalism and secularism and coupled with the moral vacuum created by aggressive atheism, it doesn't take a genius to see that Ireland needs help, and Islam, we Muslims believe, is the answer.

That Bin Laden, or some other individual, came to the same conclusion is hardly breaking news.

What is surprising though, is Ireland's Ahmadiyya leader Michael Noonan's spurious allegation that there is "a small, militant element of Islam creeping into the country".

This grand assertion is made without reference to evidence and in total contradiction to garda assessments of so-called 'Islamic extremism' in Ireland.

So, one must ask, from whence did he get his information? Islamophobes, aggressive secularists and other opportunists will no doubt jump on the xenophobic bandwagon, seeing the latest Bin Laden 'expose' as another rod with which to beat the backs of Muslims.

But all the finger-pointing, labelling and accusing does not negate the reality that Ireland is in trouble.

Catholicism has failed, secularism has proven disastrous, capitalism has brought our country to its knees and the moral decadence that now permeates Irish society is destroying it from within.

Why not give Islam a chance?

Mujaahid Liam Egan

Irish Independent