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IRA propaganda paid for by State

Sir -- It was refreshing to read in last week's Sunday Independent that I was not alone in being surprised to witness what was portrayed as entertainment in the TG4 programme Mna An IRA. It was disgusting to see viewers' money being expended on terrorists like Rose Dugdale, who was allowed to portray herself as some kind of heroine.

Furthermore, to learn that other similar females are to follow in the weeks ahead is appalling in the extreme.

One, Pamela Kane, was a member of an IRA unit which attempted to murder members of the gardai as the gang attempted to shoot their way to freedom following a bank raid in Enniscorthy on May 1, 1990.

It was bad enough that the garda authorities failed to honour the four brave gardai who arrested the seven-member gang without loss of life, but to see that one of those terrorists is now to be given a half-hour of national TV time to glorify her actions is really galling.

One would hope that our Government, which subsidises this station, would make it clear that such propaganda will not be tolerated, otherwise its subsidy would be withdrawn.

Tony Fagan,

Enniscorthy, Co Wexford

Sunday Independent