Thursday 14 November 2019

Internment for drug gangsters

Madam -- In response to the writer of the letter headed 'A new civil war' (Sunday Independent, September 30, 2012) I wish to state that I fully and unreservedly concur with the thrust of the writer's exhortation to our Government to immediately incarcerate all the criminals involved in drug-dealing, gun crime and gang feuds.

I urge all readers of the Sunday Independent, who may have inadvertently missed this letter, to look it up and read it carefully, as it is the perfect solution to our problem. As for the inability of the Government to house the offenders due to a shortage of prison space, introduce emergency legislation to erect rough basic and cheap but sturdy, wired enclosures with the minimum of sanitation and only basic living conditions under the control of the Army.

The hard-pressed gardai are not equipped to deal with this alone and need the help of the armed forces, as the letter-writer states.

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