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In the name of God, please go

Sir -- In the name of God, go now. That was what Cromwell once told the royalist politicians in England, as he drove them out of office. Now we, in this country, have our own set of self-serving political parties which belong to a single royal club and which do little more than mark time in Leinster House.

They need to be sharply reminded that they are there to serve us -- the people who put them there. The whole show should not be about these political parties and their needs. It should be about protecting our needs and about re-establishing the sovereignty so dearly bought by the patriots of a century ago.

I'd hope to see a large number of competent Independents elected to the next Dail. They could never be worse than the present pantomime party politicians. We can hope that they will more truly represent our interests. It is my opinion that the outgoing party representatives support the interests of the wealthy of Ireland, of the EU and of the US.

We have had far too much of the legal robbery of ordinary citizens in this small country. Let us show them that the people of Ireland again demand to be sovereign.

Des Guckian,

Dromod, Co Leitrim

Sunday Independent