Monday 19 March 2018

In praise of cool, calm McCarthy

Madam – I don't often praise newspaper columnists but I feel I have to make an exception in the case of Colm McCarthy.

Your paper could perhaps be described by the well-worn political cliche as a broad church. A very broad church indeed. One of the best members of this church must be Colm McCarthy, whose economic comment is always cool, calm and analytical. The country has been turned upside down by the economic crisis and this is often reflected in the over-excited, over-stated and sometimes slanted comments by other journalists in the Sunday Independent but at all times Colm McCarthy has kept his articles cool, calm and collected. Colm McCarthy seems to believe in using the weapons of reason and logic in tackling the severe economic problems of this country. While allowing that the real messy, mixed-up and illogical world must impinge upon economic problems and their solutions, Colm McCarthy's approach to the situation is by far the best. In the long term, his calm rational approach is the only way that will work.

What a pity for the country that other people, especially our political leaders, don't think the same way.

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