Sunday 24 March 2019

In neutral

Paddy O'Brien states that in remaining neutral in World War Two, Ireland had refused to do anything to help "those being slaughtered by the Nazis".

He implies that we should have been in there from the moment (to use Mr O'Brien's words) "Hitler launched his great war against humanity".

Perhaps Mr O'Brien could enlighten us as to what point Dev should have declared war on Hitler. When did Hitler's war begin? Was it the Rhineland occupation (1936), Austria (1938), Czecho-slovakia (1938/39), Poland (1939) or at what other point?

Mr O'Brien fails to mention the crucial point -- that Ireland's policy with regard to entering the war was essentially the same as most other nations, including some of the great powers.

That policy was: we are neutral until we are attacked. For example, the mighty Russia of Stalin remained friendly to Hitler until the Nazis invaded her in 1941. America remained out of the war until she was attacked by Japan in late 1941.

Had Ireland been attacked she would have fought back to the best of her ability (defenceless as she was). Iggy O'Donovan

Drogheda, Co Louth

Irish Independent

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