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In loving memory of Fianna Fail

FOUR score and more years ago, Eamon de Valera brought forth in this country a new party, dedicated to the pursuit of right living, to the belief in frugal comforts, sturdy children, sounds of industry, the firesides bereft of serene old age -- no nation so conceived could long endure.

So the bankers and developers came.

All believed in the same leverage, intoned the same mantras, worshipped in the same tent, but a nation so conceived could not long endure. And then the recession came.

The world will little care what happened here.

But we should never forget what they did here.

Fondly do we hope, fervently do we pray, that this motley crew of mediocrity will be decisively swept away, and the government of Fianna Fail, by Fianna Fail, for Fianna Fail, shall permanently vanish from this State.

Joseph Dempsey
Rathgar, Dublin 6

Irish Independent