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In-fighting . . . Nuclear . . . Take That . . . Football

NO longer do our politicians debate the issues.

Instead they tell us how bad the other guy is, and how much we should fear him -- while quietly ignoring telling us if they even have a plan to save our jobs, improve the economy or protect us from financial terrorism.

Anthony woods
Ennis, Co Clare

  • AFTER reading David Sowby's suggestion that we should turn to nuclear power (Letters, October 26), I asked myself "would I trust this government to undertake such a task?" given its incompetence as demonstrated by the Dublin Port Tunnel, the National Aquatic Centre and many more botched projects.

Alan Conboy

  • THAT old English rhyme is very relevant to Ireland's sad plight today:

"The law doth punish the man or woman that steals the goose from off the common, but lets the greater felon loose, that steals the common from off the goose!"

Thanks to incompetence and greed, not only have we lost the common, but our very independence.

John-Patrick Bell
Manorhamilton, Co Leitrim

  • WITH winter time nearly upon us and a few months of short days ahead, it is really cheering to receive the uplifting news of Take That coming to Dublin next summer.

With most of us fearing the worst in the upcoming Budget, we have to be grateful for some 'good' news.

Leo Long
Tullamore, Co Offaly

  • FOOTBALL is the beautiful game as it reflects the beauty of the simplicity of life. Employ a simple formation, 4-4-2, and defend and attack as a team, giving 100pc effort irrespective of the opposition and result. Players should be rotated within a game and from game to game, keeping the opposition guessing.

Ryan Padraig Kelly
Armagh City

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