Friday 23 August 2019

In defence of Guinness

Sir Some correspondents recently have expressed upset at the manner in which Guinness has used the Irish flag in its World Cup promotions. To explain, the concept behind the promotion was to enhance consumers' enjoyment of the games and give them a World Cup 2002 memento in the context of the strong tradition of Irish supporters proudly displaying the Irish flag.

In simple terms, we wanted to add to the atmosphere of the occasion and assist people to show great support for our team. I can assure you it was never our intention to offend anyone by placing our logo and brand message on the flag.

However, following a small number of complaints from members of the public, we decided to issue unbranded Irish flags for the second phase of the promotion. Unfortunately, it was impractical to retrieve those already in circulation.

Pat Barry,

Director Corporate Affairs,


St James's Gate, Dublin 8

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