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In brief: Quango . . . Arrogance . . . Dev . . . The US . . . Doomed

WE have seen the future. Enda Kenny wants to set up a quango to replace the Department of Finance officials whom he does not trust. Can we expect huge savings in this department when he replaces these untrustworthy officials?

Noel Naughton

  • The Democratic Unionist Party and other unionist groups in Northern Ireland continually convey that Northern Ireland is a Protestant country. Such arrogance is reflective of the troubled history of the North, given that nearly half the population is Catholic.

Ryan Padraig Kelly
Armagh City

  • Maureen Murphy is surely jesting when she suggests that what the country needs right now is firm leadership of the kind Eamon de Valera showed (Letters, October 18).

All Dev ever offered the Irish people was hardship, poverty, ignorance and mass emigration. He was the greatest disaster to befall this country since Cromwell. His name is not mentioned any more, even in the party he founded, because his memory has become an embarrassment.

Paddy O'brien
Balbriggan, Co Dublin

  • Is Kevin Myers on another wind-up when he refers to the US as a truly grown-up country (Irish Independent, October 20)? This is a country with the largest per capita prison population in the world. A country with an infantile obsession with its own history and its countless wars. The US is interesting and can make great fiction. But grown-up? You cannot be serious.

Malcolm O'Donnell
Dublin 24

  • WATCHING the news in recent weeks, I have to say the coverage is made worse by having to listen to Labour Party finance spokesperson Joan Burton on almost every bulletin. Can somebody have a word in her ear? If we have to listen to that for the next five years we're doomed.


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