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In brief: Poverty . . . Marbles . . . Abortion . . . Double-speak

Fine Gael's claim that it can cut €3bn from the public sector budget without affecting frontline services is every bit as plausible as Leo Varadkar's claim that ill-health, as opposed to inequity, is the significant cause of poverty in our society. The more these guys speak the more attractive a one-way ticket to Oz becomes.

jim o'sullivan

  • Perhaps I am losing my marbles, but with Anglo a dead duck, why on earth should we put another €15bn into it?

michael kelly
dublin 15

  • I have just read with disbelief David Quinn's scaremongering anti-Labour, anti-abortion rant.

I am truly amazed that your paper would permit such extreme opinions to be published.

ian murphy
bray, co wicklow

  • So the Finance Minister says he does not have a mandate to pay any more money into failed organisations. Yet, on the same day, his colleague, Agriculture Minister Brendan Smith, sees fits to wait until the Greens have left government to accept soya foods into food production. Double-speak comes to mind!

paul doran
dublin 22
Brian Cowen was always talking about, "going forward" and Brian Lenihan mentioned, "turning the corner". Now Micheal Martin is doing a "U-turn". I don't know about you, but I wouldn't let these people drive my car, let alone drive the country.
Kevin Devitte
Westport, Co Mayo

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