Saturday 25 January 2020

In brief: Papal bull . . . King and 'I'reland . . . Bad attitude

- THE Pope said "the weakening of faith has been a significant contributing factor leading to the sexual abuse of minors".

Obviously the man has lost his marbles . . . it was cross-dressing men of faith that were the significant contributing factor.

Gavin Tobin
Celbridge, Co Kildare

- THE truth is truth even when nobody believes it. Sadly, that's what happened to victims of abuse.

Nobody believed them.

It is only by listening to the truth that lasting peace can by found.

It is clear the Church was hijacked by individuals who destroyed that truth. They destroyed the victims' truth and they destroyed the truth of the Gospels.

Emmet Tobin
Waterford City

- Clerical child abuse is caused by "weakening of faith". Now I finally understand Papal bull.

K Nolan

- I just read your report, 'Nigerian "king" lost Tesco job because of regal duty' (Irish Independent, February 17). Is it just me or does anyone else feel that this case makes a total fool out of the Irish judiciary, Irish employment law and the system? Maybe you should have called the story 'The King and "I"reland'.

Stephen Finlay

- Jacqueline Cotter's claim (Letters, February 17) that the Irish are a racist people may have a simple explanation -- we had excellent teachers for all of eight centuries.

Jim O'Sullivan
Rathedmond, Sligo

- In reply to John Carmody in Australia ('Consultants' fees should be tripled', Letters, February 17) -- what an attitude. So, because you've been in the privileged position of going to university for six years you feel it's okay to screw the public. It's the arrogance of people like him that has this country in the state it is.

Phillip Green
Malahide, Co Dublin

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