Tuesday 21 January 2020

In brief: Paddywhackery . . . Comical . . . Scales . . . Oath

Brian Cowen and his ministers should not leave the country to indulge in Paddywhackery. We are broke; their services are required at home.

It is their patriotic duty to stay home and work their overpaid butts off. After all, they were the ones who brought the country to its knees. I suppose the happy squanderer Micheal Martin will be off to to Canada. He spent €4.4m renovating the embassy there.

James Rogers
Rosslare Harbour, wexford

  • With apologies to Tom Murphy, perhaps last week's political entertainment should be dubbed 'The G Lee Concert'?

Oliver McGrane
Dublin 16

  • Oh, what a disappointment. No, not the rugby in Paris -- there were no comics in your paper today. No 'Beezer', 'Dandy' or 'Beano' to relive my innocent boyhood.

Any chance you could present us with a few Irish comics to continue the fantasy, such as the Programme for Economic Growth or the National Asset Management Agency?

Sean Kelly
Tramore, co Waterford

  • Over a three-week period between October and November last year, the New York Department of Consumer Affairs found that 48 scales out of 608 at JFK Airport in New York were faulty. In the same period, nine out of 133 scales at La Guardia Airport were also found to be faulty.

In 2008, at JFK Airport, 10 scales were condemned and taken out of use. Would the Dublin Airport Authority care to comment?

Des Kerins

  • I have just read that "Taoiseach Brian Cowen will stand by Defence Minister Willie O'Dea if pressed on the minister's fitness to remain in office. Mr O'Dea is accused of giving false evidence on oath in the High Court." (Irish Independent, February 15).

Can this possibly be true?

Rossa McDermott
Blackrock, Co Dublin

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