Monday 9 December 2019

In brief: Make-believe. . . Testing. . . Spring. . . Comical

IT MAY have been pleasant for the three Northern Ireland players to hear their national anthem at Twickenham on Saturday, even if it was played for the other team. Sadly, the other 19 Irish players had to be content with a make-believe anthem masquerading as the real thing.

Albert Collins

  • SURELY those whose national allegiance is to Ireland may express it with Amhran na bhFiann, without others taking offence, and those whose allegiance is to an Irish rugby team may sing 'I-R-F-U' to the tune of the old Village People hit 'Y-M-C-A".

Donal Kennedy
London N13

  • A QUESTION for the State Examinations Commission: How many retired teachers and principals over 70 will be supervising the State Exams this year? And how many newly qualified or unemployed teachers will be doing the same?

I know the answer. I just want to know why.

And I want to protest against it on moral grounds. Adrian FitzGibbon

Ballinasloe, Co Galway

  • YOUR reporter Grainne Cunningham says: "Spring begins today, March 1."

I have always thought spring in Ireland began on February 1, as in Antoine O Raifteiri's poem: "Anois teacht an Earraigh beidh an la ag dul chun sineadh, Is tar eis na Feil Brighde ardochaidh me mo sheol."

Can the ancient poet have been wrong or is the idea that March 1 is the start of spring another part of the current effort to anglicise Ireland?

Durban, S AFRICA

  • AS FIANNA Fail hammers the last nail into the Greens' carbon-friendly coffin, containing the carcass of this corrupt banana republic, there are people who are more concerned about the financial plight of English football clubs.

Frank Spencer is alive and well and living in Ireland.

James Rogers
Rosslare HARBOUR, Co WexforD

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