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In Brief: Hypocrisy . . . Overworked . . .Tolls . . . Obama's birth

Tommy Tiernan is truly hilarious. After a lifetime making a living trying to degrade God, priests and the Catholic religion, where and how does he get married? In God's house, and by a man of God. Hypocrisy of epic proportions.

Eamon Reilly
Co Westmeath

  • Have other readers noticed that our public and civil services seem to be taking longer to deal with requests and queries lately? In some departments, matters that previously took a few days are now taking two to three weeks. Surely civil and public servants aren't seeking to convince us they are understaffed and overworked?

Seán Hennessy
Dublin 24

  • Lilian van Engelen of Galway says the barrier-free toll is bad for tourism. Why is a system that is used around the world bad in Ireland. If her family had had to drive through London, or anywhere else that uses the same technology for tolls or congestion-charges, how would they have paid them?

Alan Fairbrother
Dublin 16

  • In his tale of personal horror at the very idea that some Americans might oppose President Obama or his policies, David Aaronovitch demonstrates exactly why the "birthers" have gained such traction ('Birther' attacks on Obama are born of hatred and fear, Opinion, August 11).

He describes how the birthers are questioning whether Mr Obama was, as the Constitution demands, born in the US. This is due to some flimsy evidence (such as a relative's eye-witness account of his birth) that he might have been born in Kenya.

But Mr Obama resolutely refuses to release his original birth certificate, which is the one thing that would permanently shut the birthers up. Why will Mr Obama not release it? There has to be a reason.

Tony Allwright
Killiney, Co Dublin

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