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In brief: FF expense. . . Dingle. . . SF money. . . Enda's Irish

Ireland can't afford tug-of-war coalition, says Martin. Ireland can't afford Fianna Fail's failed policies says nation . . .

Gerry Walsh
Tallaght, Dublin

  • I hope the people of Dingle, wherever they live, will remember who took away our name Dingle and vote accordingly.

Mary Devane Wilson
Dingle, Co Kerry

  • If Sinn Fein was to get into government it said it would tell the EU/IMF to sling their hook, burn the bond-holders and give the banks no more money. When this happens, when I put my card in the ATM will any money come out?

Alan Fairbrother
Knocklyon, Dublin 16

  • MICHEAL Martin is widely quoted as saying "Ireland cannot afford a tug-of-war government".

Ireland can least of all afford another Fianna Fail government. Sound-bites can come back to bite you.

Niall Dunne
Dublin 8

  • Much praise is due to TG4 for organising the first inter-party pre-election debate in Irish.

Congratulations also to the candidates who can confidently step up to the mark in their own language.

However, concerning one of the candidates, Enda Kenny, a clarification is immediately required regarding his stance on the language in our schools.

If Taoiseach, what would you do Enda? As you have stated before, you might consider making Irish optional in schools. Is this still the cornerstone of your policy? Would it not then suffer the same fate as that of foreign languages in schools in England at the moment. After being made optional, interest levels dwindled from 78pc to 44pc in the last 10 years.

We've had enough of politicians avoiding transparency. Let us see and hear you Enda. Don't be a stranger. Are you willing to back Irish in our schools or not?


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