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In brief: Child benefit . . . Cupboard . . . Tolls . . . Ghost jobs

Dr Justin Corfield compares child benefit paid in Ireland and that in the UK (Letters, October 7).

Dr Corfield should know that the cost of living in Ireland is about twice that of the UK.

Paul Doran
Dublin 22

  • Now that Bertie has done the State some service by decamping to his cupboard, one could say he has a lot done but more to do.

Can he make some extra room and bring in all the remaining members of Fianna Fail -- the party with no shame -- to join him?

If they really squeezed tight they could manage room for the Greens. Then would they please close the door behind them?

Pat Cuddy

  • With the current debate about the introduction of extended motorway tolling, I am surprised that no one has considered the solution used in Austria and Switzerland.

Namely a toll sticker in the vehicle's windscreen, with on the spot fines for those on a motorway without the sticker.

If we can adapt to the "honour system" used on the Luas in Dublin, then I am sure that such an idea could work on the roads.

Niall Twamley

  • I take Patrick Corkery's point that "we here have the right to remove politicians at election time" (Letters, October 7). My problem is that we have not exercised that right often enough.

As a result, people were in power too long and thought themselves untouchable.

The results are all around us with the IMF knocking at the door.

A Leavy
Dublin 13

  • If Mary Harney can have a ghost hospital with ghost salaries, why can't the Government solve the jobs problem by creating a whole series of non-existent facilities? Oh I forgot, they have FAS and the quangos!

K Nolan
Carrick-on-Shannon, co leitrim

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