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In brief: Cement. . . Cheating. . . Robbers. . . Boozy image

One would presume that the gentleman who parked his cement mixer outside the gates of the Dail to coincide with the return of TDs from their holidays, was merely delivering some concrete proposals.

Bob J Waddell
Dun Laoghaire, co dublin

  • With the advent of the Ryder Cup, the Tiger Woods indiscretion has raised its head again. A friend said in Woods' defence that at least he never cheated at golf.

Aidan Hampson
Artane, dublin

  • I see Google's Irish Street View has gone live (Irish Independent, September 30). Is this for the Government to find its way around?

K Nolan
Carrick-on-Shannon, co leitrim

  • "Without a doubt, women are the foundation stone of society; but always remember who laid the foundation."

Anthony Woods
Ennis, Co Clare

  • Release all bank robbers now, the real ones walk the streets. The bank robbers in our prisons only got a few measly quid and did not bankrupt the country. The bankers committed a far greater crime, yet there were no trials and no justice for the victims, the taxpayers.

Kathleen Ryan
Springfield, co dublin

  • Here's why Enda Kenny and Brian Cowen show the same poll ratings. Enda attempts to block Mary Coughlan from promoting the country abroad and at the same time backs an undisclosed bank guarantee for the second time in two years, even though his finance spokesperson claims they were misled the first time. Enda and Brian, could they be brothers?

Danny McHugh
Glenamaddy, Co Galway

  • Thanks to Brian Cowen, the image of the thick, drunken Paddy is back in vogue on the world stage, undoing years of people like myself battling to change that perception of us.

James Rogers
Rosslare Harbour, co wexford

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