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IMF is our only hope of salvation

Sir -- While reading headlines such as "Ministers deny €3m 'slush fund' blame" and "Dail break fails to see reduction in expenses" (Sunday Independent, October 10, 2010) and "Somers breaks pension record" (Sunday Independent, October 17, 2010), it occurred to me that we as a nation have become desensitised to the appalling waste of public funds.

The old adage that "wilful waste makes woeful want" has never been truer in the history of the State, yet we seem to be anaesthetised to the reality.

The average worker, who has suffered wage cuts, increased taxation and, in many cases, lost security of tenure in their employment, gets no perks. There are no employer- or taxpayer-funded lunches or think-ins. Nobody in the real world gets paid expenses to travel to and from work.

The litany of waste of taxpayers' money has beggared the country. The taxpayer will never see a return on these wasteful practices. We need to stop it and stop it fast.

Our political system, in its present form, is not a democracy. It has become what has been described a "Dailocracy". We need a General Election and an alternative. We need cuts in public spending from the top down.

We are told that we should fear the IMF. Personally, I want to vote for its candidates in the next General Election because I see the IMF as our only hope to sort out the country's finances and stop filling the troughs with money. Maybe then our politicians might trim down and "tighten their belts" -- instead of slapping extra charges on the underdog to pay for their waste.

Ciaran Duffy,

Shankill, Co Dublin

Sunday Independent