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I'm taxed so much that I don't buy Irish goods

I'm one of the few, if endangered, Irish people still working, and still supporting the economy. I pay my taxes, bills etc, but unfortunately I have to inform the Government that I no longer spend more than a cent within the Republic than I have to.

I have chosen to spend my money in the North, or online, buying everything from groceries to petrol and alcohol to clothing, as I no longer believe the Government wishes me to actively take an interest in supporting the economy due to its continuing and accelerating introduction of punitive charges and siphoning of my hard- earned money.

I see no incentive in spending my disposable income here when the balance of my wages is being taxed in such an aggressive and dastardly manner, and we are treated like cattle for the milking. The above action is one of the few pleasures left me which cannot be taxed, and I am enjoying every cent of it.

Keith Wynne
Navan, Co Meath

Irish Independent