Tuesday 10 December 2019

I'm sick as a dog over canine piece

Madam – So all day I have been buried in books/videos/food labels. 'Why?' I hear you ask.

Well, because at present I am in the middle of studying to become a canine behaviour and training technician. It's a course which has cost me a pretty penny, shall we say, and takes up an extremely large part of my time.

So when I could no longer get my head around the formulas (yes, mathematical formulas!) needed to work out the nutritional value of dog food, I said to myself: "Oh, I'll take a little break to have a cup of coffee and a read of the Sunday papers." Only to stumble across your article 'Dog-minding has got ownership licked' (Living, Sunday Independent, January 6, 2013) which, of course, grabbed my attention as it was about animals and in particular dogs – which (as you may have already gathered) is my field of interest.

Unfortunately, I was extremely disappointed to discover that this piece was encouraging people (who haven't spent a pretty penny) to go out and walk, or mind, dogs.

Was I reading this right? Were my eyes just tired from hours of reading all about canine behaviour?

No, it was as I thought. It seems that, according to this piece, just having a love of dogs is enough to qualify you to work with other people's pets.

Well, why didn't someone tell me this sooner? I mean, if that's all that is required, I could have saved myself time and money.

Roxann Byrne,

Swords, Co Dublin

Sunday Independent

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