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I'll never forgive RTE over Ali

Sir -- As a fellow inmate of 'single-channel land' along with Declan Lynch, I must agree completely with him about memories of RTE.

Now that he mentions it, I even vaguely remember clocks ticking way past the advertised starting time, although I do not remember sport specifically in that context.

But I would presume that Declan would agree with me that RTE's single greatest sporting disaster was its monstrous failure to show Ali vs Foreman live -- the 'Rumble in the Jungle' in 1974.

Even though you can now watch this fight about once a week on cable TV, that original omission still rankles.

I even had at least one relative who, although not interested in boxing, still dutifully set his alarm clock for 5am when RTE condescended to show the Ali fight.

Frank Desmond,

Turners Cross, Cork City

Sunday Independent