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If the cap fits

For a very good reason, a generous pay cap has been applied to all top official appointments.

Our country simply cannot afford the excesses of our recent past. Arguments being put forward to break this cap in certain cases do not hold up to genuine consideration. Here are some of the reasons why I oppose breaking the cap:

(1) Exceeding the cap means government breaking its own rules and therefore being totally inconsistent.

(2) It's unacceptable to the masses of our people struggling to make ends meet.

(3) It's unfair to the many who have to accept cuts to their salaries.

(4) The official appointment is a position of leadership and must, therefore, be made via respect in that position from all in his/her department for what he/she offers rather than self-serving ambitions.

In our recent past we had an example of an appointee in an unholy haggle for about two weeks with our elected government for an exorbitant remuneration to head one of our agencies. Sadly, our weak government succumbed. This appointee has since headed off to the sunset.

I believe any candidate who holds out for further remuneration above the cap should be ruled out as that person will have already created division in the department before taking up appointment.

I am retired and I have found in my past working position, whether in a supervisory capacity or otherwise, "ability" ranks high but loyalty, dedication and determination are qualities of the highest order. These latter qualities cannot be bought.

Patrick McDonald
Baldoyle, Dublin 13

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