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If Ian O'Doherty goes to hell, I'll follow him

I am an expatriate now living in Poland and Ian O'Doherty's articles are a great source of trivial amusement, comic relief and, God forbid, some sanity in a modern society where, thanks to evolving communications, complaining has been elevated to a dangerous preoccupation for some.

I don't always agree with some of Mr O'Doherty's rants, opinions or conclusions but I do respect his right to have a different opinion than my own.

Generally though, I find we are both on a similar wavelength, so at least I won't be alone in hell. And that is the important point, with the freedom to communicate freely we seem to have lost the respect for others to have differing opinions. Those who hold opposing views are castigated.

Right or wrong is not about who can shout the loudest, sometimes there is no right or wrong and just people who think differently.

Let's not take ourselves too seriously; stop complaining over such trivial issues as jokes about Holy Communion. And yes, I do appreciate the irony of complaining about the malcontents.

John Sheehy
Poznan, Poland

Irish Independent