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Ian wrong about ONE funding

IAN O'Doherty's recent comments on Bono and ONE (Irish Independent, October 28) were factually incorrect and misleading.

Ian seems to be mistakenly of the view that ONE -- a campaign and advocacy organisation with more than two million members -- raises its funding from the general public.

We do not. ONE does not fundraise from the general public; we do not receive any government funding, nor do we directly fund charitable projects in developing countries.

ONE was not set up to do any of these things.

Rather, ONE relies on a small group of philanthropists and foundations to fund us for the purpose of raising awareness about the crisis of extreme poverty and pressing governments to help by supporting smart, effective programmes, like the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and malaria, which is saving 4,000 lives a day in poor countries.

If your readers would like to find out what ONE is actually all about they can check out http://www.one.org/international/about/ for more information.

Jamie Drummond

Executive Director, ONE

Irish Independent