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Monday 16 September 2019

I feel not shame but pride in FAI

Sir - I read Eamonn Sweeney's finger-wagging article about grassroots football (Sunday Independent Sport, July 21), where he said that we volunteers are "serfs" who need to be "ashamed of ourselves".

Can I make something clear? Never has shame been part of my involvement in grassroots football. In fact, I look at the commitment and effort that is displayed by the volunteers involved with their clubs, leagues and associations - and I feel humbled and honoured to be part of this football community that gives so much back to the wider community by their volunteering.

I, too, hope they get everything they deserve - but by this I mean respect, and courtesy, and maybe even the basic good manners which has been sadly lacking from those who should know better.

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And by the way, the reason football had no stadium to call their own was from years of active discrimination, applied to our sport from grassroots to official level.

Paul Fogarty,

Grassroots volunteer and Irish supporter for over 30 years

Canonisation of John Newman

Sir - In his piece in the Sunday Independent's LIFE magazine (July 21), Dr Maurice Gueret comments on the forthcoming canonisation of former cardinal and now Blessed John Henry Newman - having been beatified by Pope Benedict XVI in Birmingham in 2010.

He writes of the "alleged" miracles accepted by the Vatican for the canonisation - but perhaps Dr Gueret is not aware that miracles proposed for the purposes of beatification or canonisation are already investigated by a team of medical personnel - doctors among them, and not necessarily all of them believers.

In fact, despite being a self-proclaimed sceptic, Dr Gueret himself would qualify for the team examining any future candidate for sainthood!

Would it be apt to conclude by paraphrasing Hamlet's reply to Horatio? "There are more things in heaven and earth, Dr Gueret, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

Patrick Fleming,

Glasnevin, Dublin 9

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