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I didn't speak Pearce's 'poison'

Madam -- I take serious issue with Stephen Pearce for placing his poison in my mouth when he quotes me as saying about my husband, Louis le Brocquy: "Oh don't waste your time talking to him! He doesn't know what he is talking about!"

I seek a formal public withdrawal in your newspaper of this slanderous quote never spoken by me and I reserve the right to bring this matter to the courts.

Stephen Pearce has smeared the artist friend he wished to promote at this solemn moment. Patrick Scott, an honourable man, disassociates himself by joining me in signing this letter.

Stephen Pearce's honour and courage have not been served well by his discharge of venom on the steps of St Patrick's Cathedral while Louis lay in his coffin awaiting his burial.

Anne Madden le Brocquy,

Patrick Scott

Sunday Independent