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HSE should look closer to home

I was appalled and dismayed to read that the HSE is to start a recruitment drive to fill vacancies for non-consultant hospital doctors from India or Pakistan.

Irish students have to prove they are the next Einstein in order to get a place on a medicine course in an Irish university, while those same universities save the vast bulk of their places on courses for more lucrative, fee-paying students from abroad -- pushing the points for medicine to ridiculous levels.

This is not a rant against foreigners. Young, intelligent, potential doctors are leaving our shores in their thousands and the HSE continues to engage in major recruitment drives in far-flung places to get qualified staff.

How farcical is this? How can medicine be so weighted against Irish students and so strongly in favour of the non-Irish?

Ivor Faulkner,
Glasnevin, Dublin 9

Irish Independent