Thursday 23 November 2017

How can Kenny fix Crisis Europe?

Sir -- Jody Corcoran in his article titled: 'Kenny has no plan for Euro crisis' (Sunday Independent, November 13, 2011) writes: "The Government, which is 250 days in office today, has articulated no discernible policy on the catastrophic nature of the sovereign debt crisis in Europe other than to 'wait and see' and then seek to 'claim credit' if a resolution is found," and that: "Kenny has not held a single substantive meeting with, nor, apparently, has he placed a single telephone call to, a leader in the 17-country eurozone."

He also quotes FF leader Micheal Martin as saying that the Taoiseach failed to "recognise the urgency of the situation in Europe".

How awful of Mr Kenny. The leader of a small country the size of Greater Manchester fails to solve Crisis Europe. And of course, Mr Martin, with that injured-innocence, boyish look, had no role as a minister in that FF government for 14 years -- as his contribution to RTE's Crisis: Inside the Cowen Government would seem to imply!

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