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How can Brady lead delegation?

The Irish delegation of bishops going over to the Vatican to make the Vatican responsible for the cover-up of years of abuse on helpless children makes no sense to me, since the delegation is being led by Cardinal Sean Brady.

Has the whole country gone so mad that none can remember he covered up the paedophile Brendan Smyth and forced two terrified children to sign documents of silence?

Last I heard, 70pc of the public wanted him to resign, but not a chance.

He's not going anywhere, he has made that very clear.

Now suddenly he wants to be the champion for abused children worldwide.

From covering up Smyth, the so called wounded healer wants back in the news again.

Please tell me your newspaper printed the wrong name, please.

You must have got it wrong.

How on Earth could a decent man like Archbishop Diarmuid Martin even sit next to that man?

Elizabeth Dallas
Celbridge, Co Kildare

Irish Independent