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Hot air . . . Emigrants . . . Church jibes . . . Vote fear

If Eamon Gilmore could not defeat a long-serving minister of a discredited government in open debate, must we conclude that the much-vaunted "Gilmore Gale" is no more than hot air?

James McGrath
Hollyford, Co Tipperary
There has been a campaign for many years to give emigrants an opportunity to vote in Irish national elections. (Irish Independent, February 8)

Giving them a vote in our national elections would send a message of inclusion and reciprocation for the remittances that they have sent back over the years.

Other countries have no problem with this -- why are we afraid?

Bobby Gilmore SSC
Navan, Co Meath

  • Why does Ian O'Doherty think denigrating the Catholic Church is funny? In his head he must have an audience of millions, cheering him on as he writes his jibes.

Each jibe must give him seconds, nay minutes, of satisfaction.

He might be able to string a whole lifetime together out of them. Then what?

Oisin Robinson
Rathmines, Dublin 6

  • If I vote for, let's say: choice 1 Labour, choice 2 Independent, choice 3 FG and none of these get a seat, what happens to my vote? Does it automatically go to candidates that are winning, ie Fianna Fail or the Green Party?

I would rather spoil my vote.

M Staines

Irish Independent