Wednesday 13 December 2017

Hope for the future

Madam -- As ever Eddie Molloy (Sunday Independent, September 30, 2012) is spot on with his analysis of Ireland's dysfunctional political system.

To me it is all very reminiscent of why the Irish lost control of Tammany Hall in New York in the Twenties -- they were excellent at stroke-pulling and cronyism, but quite simply unable to run the then fastest-growing city in the world. They were washed away in the tide of time.

Surely, we have reached the same point in our own history. There is no vision for a better Ireland amongst our rulers, and no connection with life for the ordinary people. Nor is there any will to change, amongst our pampered elite. But there are endless talented, committed people throughout this land with well thought-out plans for a better country. Eddie Molloy and Dr Niamh Hardiman are amongst them.

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