Sunday 22 April 2018

'Honour killings' . . . Dead wood . . . Kenny . . . Loos

THE media and society in general should dispense with the inoffensive tag of 'honour killings' to describe the disgusting, barbaric practices detailed in Robert Fisk's article (Irish Independent, September 8) and refer to them as what they truly are . . . murder.

Susan Goode
Dublin 12

  • IT is encouraging that the Irish public is increasingly questioning the justification for the absolutely ridiculous number of paid politicians we employ in this country of a mere four million people. I have long held the view that every constituency should be cut by at least one TD. The Seanad must be abolished, the county and city councils should be halved. How shall we start the process of trimming our numbers? Because let's face it, the dead wood lying around Leinster House for as long as I can remember ain't going to do it themselves.

Kevin Lacey
Ireland & Germany

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